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5 Ways to Successfully Grow Bananas

Have you ever considered growing bananas at home, Sobat Honda? Do you know how to grow bananas for optimal results? Find successful banana-growing tip

28 November 2023

7 Ways to Take Care of The Ornamental Plants to Grow Well for The Beginners

Want to have a garden with various types of beautiful ornamental plants? First find out tips for caring for ornamental plants well so they don't

09 November 2023

8 Ways to Fix Difficult Starting for Brushcutter Machine

Don't discard a difficult-to-start brushcutter machine right away. Learn how to fix Sobat Honda brushcutter machine here!

25 October 2023

Knowing the Parts of a Lawn Mower Machine

Honda users need to know the parts of a lawn mower machine to understand how to operate it. Learn about each component here.

24 October 2023

5 Differences between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Lawn Mowers

Know the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawn mowers, including fuel efficiency, sound, and durability. Read the information here so you can

24 October 2023

You Should Know the Types of Grass-cutting Machine Blades

It is important for Honda users to know the types of lawn mower blades to be adjusted to their needs. Let's get to know the various types here.

24 October 2023

Find the Best Brushcutter of June 2023 Here!

Having the best Brushcutter to help Sobat Honda get the job done is truly enjoyable. Are Sobat Honda on the hunt for the perfect Brushcutter? Find it

24 October 2023

How to Clean the Brushcutter Carburetor Properly

Maintaining a brushcutter can be done by keeping its carburetor clean. Learn how to clean a brushcutter carburetor here

24 October 2023

Price list for 2023 Honda Carrying Brushcutters

Would you like to use a Honda Brushcutter? Find the price list for the best Honda carrying Brushcutters and their various advantages, only here.

24 October 2023

Ways to Use the Right and Safe Brushcutter

Before trying to operate it regularly, learn how to use a Brushcutter correctly first. For further information about ways to use a Brushcutter, check

24 October 2023

Here's how a Brushcutter Machine works

To maintain a tidy lawn, you need a brush-cutting machine to speed up the process. Before using it, learn how a brushcutter machine works here.

24 October 2023

10 Most Effective Ways On How to Remove Weeds

Are weeds interfering with the growth of Sobat Honda crops? Try following 10 ways to remove weeds that will be explained below!

24 October 2023
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