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12 Types of Sea Transportation in Indonesia, What Are They?

Get to know various sea transportation tools available in Indonesia so that you can use them effectively. Get complete information here!

29 November 2023

How Outboard Motors Work for Boats

Want to know how outboard motors work for boats? Check out this article to learn about the components and processes involved in the function of outboa

21 November 2023

4 Common Causes of Less Power Outboard Engine

Is your outboard boat engine running slower than usual? Let us find out what causes a less power of outboard engine, so your boat's speed can res

21 November 2023

What are Traditional Fishermen Used to Catch Fish?

To answer the question of what traditional fishermen used to catch fish, among them are small boats and the best outboard engines from Honda.

21 November 2023

3 Parts of an Outboard Motor

Before purchasing an outboard motor, try to familiarize Sobat Honda with its parts to operate it correctly. Learn all the parts of an outboard motor h

21 November 2023

9 Traditional Sea Transportation from Past to Present

Get to know various traditional sea transportation that has been used in Indonesia since ancient times. Also, find engines that can increase their spe

21 November 2023

5 Types of Rubber Boats

Want to know about the types of rubber boats? Please find information about the types of rubber boats and the best outboard engines to increase their

21 November 2023

10 Reasons Why an Outboard Engine Has Difficulty Starting

Is the outboard engine that Sobat Honda has having trouble starting? It could be because some components are experiencing problems. Check out the reas

13 November 2023

Types of Boat Engines in Indonesia

Honda has various boat engines that you can adjust to your needs. To know the complete specifications, let us look at the following article.

25 October 2023

What Are Modern Fishermen Used to Catch Fish?

So what do modern fishermen use to catch fish? Of course there are so many! Try to find various modern fishing tools here!

24 October 2023

Rubber Boat: Definition and Functions

Rubber boats can be used for various activities on the water, such as moving from one island to another or for fishermen to catch fish.

24 October 2023

Types of Boats and Their Functions

There are various types of boats that you can use for different purposes, such as fishing boats, ferries, and cruise boats. Discover their different f

24 October 2023
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